The problem with equating being skinny to being healthy

When you imagine a healthier version of you, do you picture yourself as thin?

Do you feel the need to get to a certain weight in order to feel healthy?

If you're on a journey towards better health, you may be tempted to define your progress by the size of your body. While there's a widespread notion that "skinny" is synonymous with "healthy," it's important to recognize that health is not confined to the number on the scale.

Here's why you should separate being healthy from being skinny:

1. Health is more than outward appearance

It's tempting to equate health with how we look on the outside. But health involves much more than that--it encompasses mental, physical, and emotional aspects. It involves how our bodies function, how we feel (both physically and mentally), and our overall well-being. Although weight can definitely impact health, it's only one puzzle piece. There are people of all shapes and sizes who possess incredible strength and vitality! Your health journey should be focused on how your body feels, rather than how it looks. 

2. Individuality matters

Your body has it's own unique story, written by genetics, life experiences, and health conditions. All these things contribute to how our bodies look and feel. Strive for health in the context of the incredible journey your body has been on. Your health journey is personal; it's about what makes your body thrive, rather than being skinny.  

3. Behavior is more important than appearance

Health is largely impacted by our behaviors. The combination of diet, activity, stress management, and getting enough sleep are crucial to achieving good health. Health is not so much about your weight as it is about nurturing your body and mind. Prioritizing healthy behaviors over your desired appearance will sustain your journey more effectively than the temporary confidence boost that comes with losing weight.

4. The dangers of fad diets

It's no secret that dieting and extreme restrictions create a cycle of weight loss and weight gain, which can damage your body. So, it's important to shift your focus from dieting and losing pounds to making healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes. This could be finding physical activities that you enjoy and can maintain, finding new ways to make your favorite meals healthier, or learning to manage stress and regulate your emotions. Your body needs consistent, nourishing care!

Key Takeaways

The bottom line is that a healthy body comes in various shapes and sizes. Health is about strength, vitality, and mental wellness. So, a health and wellness journey isn't about getting thinner; it's about getting to a point where you feel alive and capable. 

Stay focused on the bigger picture. Toss the skinny myth aside and take a holistic approach to health that takes into account your body's capabilities and how you feel. Your journey is about nurturing yourself in such a way that promotes lasting changes and overall health. Your weight will follow your behavior!


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